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Finances and Billing

For questions related to a specific charge or statement, please message us through your patient portal and select the "billing" subject line. 

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Why Do I See Two Line Items on my Bill?

As Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, our providers have full diagnostic and prescriptive authority. Our treatment model is holistic in nature, assessing and evaluating your symptoms from a comprehensive perspective. This means that we review physical (i.e, "medical") status at each visit in addition to reviewing your mental health symptoms. Billing and coding separates each task performed by a provider into "codes" to determine how the insurance companies should reimburse your provider. For this reason you will typically see two (or more) codes for each visit. This will include one "Evaluation and Management" code, which is the evaluation of your medication and physical health, and one "psychotherapy" code. Supportive psychotherapy is incorporated into all of our treatment plans and may include discussion of your goals, reducing barriers to achieving those goals, strategies for organization, problem solving or lifestyle improvement discussions. 

My insurance company denied the claim, I thought you were in-network!

We do our best to determine whether we are in-network with your particular insurance policy during the registration process, however we do not guarantee that your plan considers us in-network. Each insurance company has multiple networks within their umbrella, and while we contract with each insurance, they sometimes change network participation. We have also found that although we are contracted, some payers consider us a "non-preferred" provider which can result in higher out-of-pocket costs. It is always the patient's responsibility to confirm with their insurance plan whether or not Heal is a preferred/in-network provider. We can provide our Tax ID number if requested so that you can confirm with your insurance plan.

How do I pay my balance?

Your provider will store a credit card on file to be used for any co-pays or deductibles that you may have. If there is a remaining balance at any time, you may pay your bill by logging in to the patient portal and selecting "Bills" from the drop down menu.

Why can't you waive the no-show/late cancel fee?

While we understand that things come up and emergencies happen, our practice remains quite busy. When a patient does not attend their appointment and does not give enough notice, that time slot is no longer available for a patient that may be waiting for a schedule opening. Late arrivals result in appointments running over, or not allowing enough time to complete the appointment. Our priority is ensuring that everyone has adequate time to conduct their appointment and feel heard, therefore we must adhere to our scheduled time slots. 

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