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Therapy & Coaching

Psychologist Session

Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)

As Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, our providers are trained in basic psychotherapy techniques. Our providers will not only listen, but help challenge your current patterns in order to meet your treatment goals. Talk therapy can be helpful in identifying previously unrecognized patterns of behavior, viewing situational life stressors from a different perspective, and encourage personal growth to enable long-term balance.

Our providers do not provide talk therapy as a primary service. Therapy services are only conducted in conjunction with medication management services, and psychotherapy needs beyond our clinician's training will require referral to a psychotherapy specific provider.

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Physical Wellness Coaching

Our providers have a special interest in the correlation between what we do, how we fuel our body, and the impact that those things can have on our mental wellbeing.


As part of your treatment plan, your provider will work with you to incorporate gradual lifestyle changes that over time can improve mental health symptoms. Lifestyle modification is an integral part to sustainable healing, however you are always in control of the level at which lifestyle planning is included in your care.

Healthy Morning
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